The top-rated statistics book on (the ‘Dutch Amazon’), Pirates, Peaches and P-values is your ultimate guide to becoming a stats ninja. It helps both the frightened and the fanatic student, and comes in both English and Dutch. Get a closer look – and your own copy – on our website right here.


In these unusual times, I will be offering online tutorials as well. Feel free to contact me for more information. 
To Bachelor and Master students in Maastricht (Psychology in particular), I offer private tuition in small as well as large groups. My PPProgrammes will not simply boost your chance to pass the statistics exam – they make you truly understand what all these numbers are about, and leave you with lasting insights. With unique examples, vibrant exercises and an infinitely patient teacher, you’re bound to make big leaps forward. When, in the future, you conduct or evaluate the statistical analysis of a scientific study, you’ll have the tools to do it well.

Let erop dat ik snel volgeboekt raak.


At least once a year, we host independent lectures at the Pathé cinema in Maastricht! 2-hour presentations stuffed to the brim with interaction, education and entertainment. Students always have the opportunity to answer questions as well as buy our book afterward. Stay informed on our upcoming lectures by following us on Facebook.

  • Low entry fee (4-5 euros)
  • An open and interactive environment
  • A lively presentation full of colourful examples
  • Tailored to your statistics course from the University


Bezig een Bachelor-, Master- of PhD-these te schrijven? De statistische analyse is hiervan een cruciale component, en ik kan je persoonlijk bijstaan om populaire valkuilen te vermijden en het proces te stroomlijnen. Meestal spreek ik met je af om samen met de analyse aan te sturen en kritisch te discussiëren over de uitvoer; ik heb ruime ervaring met hoofdzakelijk SPSS.


staan we ook open voor het organiseren van masterclasses voor bedrijven en andere speciale projecten.