These terms and conditions apply to your purchase of a group tutoring course. By registering via the Piraten, perziken en p-waarden (Pirates, Peaches and P-values) website you agree to consent to these terms and conditions.

The contractual obligation is created between you and Piraten, perziken en p-waarden in Maastricht (hereafter: Piraten, perziken en p-waarden). This contract is established under Dutch law.

Article One: Tuition fee

You need to pay the required fees to Piraten, perziken en p-waarden, after which you are granted access to the course and/or the course material. Educational services are VAT exempt in the Netherlands.


Article Two: Copyrights

All course materials, data and information, presented in whichever form by Piraten, perziken en p-waarden, are licensed with intellectual and/or industrial copyrights and are the intellectual property of Piraten, perziken en p-waarden, lecturers and/or third parties contracted by Piraten, perziken en p-waarden. You may use all materials offered here for your own educational purposes. Multiplication and/or (re)distribution of the aforementioned materials, data and information, is not permitted unless sanctioned by our declaration of consent in writing, granted in advance of the aforementioned multiplication and/or (re)distribution. Materials that have been expressly offered as free of charge are exempt from this article.

Disclaimer regarding our books
This book follows an educational structure to which Maastricht University holds intellectual property rights. This educational structure has been incorporated and published without Maastricht University’s permission or knowledge. Maastricht University has not been involved in the realisation of this book and is therefore not responsible for the content and correctness of the information provided herein.


Article Three: Privacy

The personal information that you have given by registering for a course are kept by Piraten, perziken en p-waarden for execution of your assignment(s). Your personal data can be used by Piraten, perziken en p-waarden for offering you its relevant products and services. In their offerings, Piraten, perziken en p-waarden tries to keep your personal interests in mind. Piraten, perziken en p-waarden makes use of Mollie’s services as payment service provider; in that context your personal information may be shared between Piraten, perziken en p-waarden and Mollie. Your personal information will otherwise not be shared with third parties unless the law or a court order requires Piraten, perziken en p-waarden to do so.


Article Four: Complaints

Complaints about the services of Piraten, perziken en p-waarden can be delivered to vince@pppwaarden.nl. Please use the subject heading “complaint”. Within five business days, Piraten, perziken en p-waarden will contact you to discuss your complaint or to give you an informed reply in writing. Wherever possible, Piraten, perziken en p-waarden will try to reach a solution to which all parties agree.

Piraten, perziken en p-waarden does not accept liability for content mistakes in the course material and does not guarantee favourable results in your exams or other courses.


Article Five: Changes

Piraten, perziken en p-waarden reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions and will publish said changes on this page. Piraten, perziken en p-waarden recommends you review these Terms and Conditions before each course registration, so that you are informed about the applicable Terms and Conditions at the time of your course.

These terms and conditions are governed by Dutch law exclusively. Any dispute related to the terms and conditions, including disputes about the existence and validity of these terms and conditions, will be brought before a relevant court in the Netherlands. Foreign students are not exempted from this rule.